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E Se Alguém Copia a Ideia?

Desde a semana passada que ouvi e li esta pergunta várias vezes: “E se alguém copia a ideia?”. Curiosamente ouvi-a de dois lados diferentes: do lado de empreendedores preocupados em apresentar o seu projecto; e do lado de investidores preocupados em que se mostrem ideias para estimular...

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Call for Startups/Founders

Posted by maverick | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 08-12-2009


In about 1 month our first Kickstart workshop (Kickstart 1H10) will be happening. It’ll be a great opportunity for early projects and first time entrepreneurs-to-be to get a bit of information about the business world, to get help sketching out their projects, and get a chance at receiving an investment proposal.

We’ve had a good set of candidates but honestly: we were expecting more. No selection, no evolution. So if you have a good idea, a good project or a good team, you can still signup. The worst it can happen is not being selected this time; and then you’ll get the chance again in 6 months time.

Since we still have place for a couple of groups, and since there are some ideas that we have internally and that we dont see anyone developing, we decided to put up a Call for Startups/Founders. If you have a project/startup in any of the following areas or if you have a good team and like any of the technologies mentioned, let us know. We’d like you to help us bring some of them to life or to help you do the same.

The areas/ideas/projects that we’d like to see are:

  • Anything related to the Deep Web. We dont have any specific idea, so if you have an idea for a technology or a business that deals with the “Hidden Web” we’d be interested in hearing it.
  • We have an internal idea that has to do with OpenID, social networks and tagging. If you like any or (preferably) all of these technologies, contact us. We’ll let you know what the project is, finance it and give you stock options (if you implement it, of course)
  • If you have a project related to Google’s Android, we’d be interested in investing. We would be particularly interested if you already develop for iPhone and want to move to Android.
  • We think there might be a business model around an opensource ITIL Saas/cloud solution. If you know what ITIL is and dont mind code boring (but lucrative) stuff, let us know
  • We have some experience with the national (portuguese) ID card (Cartão de Cidadão) and think that the possibilities for businesses around it are enormous and unexplored. We have some internal ideas but wouldnt mind listening to yours and come up with a startup.
  • EDIT: we have an internal idea that has to do with GPS, mobile and Location Based Services. If you like these technologies and have experience in using them, let us know. We’ll let you know what the project is, finance it and give you stock options (if you implement it, of course)

There are 3 options if you want to pursue any of the opportunities above: you can present your project directly; you can register for Kickstart; or you can simply email us and let us know.

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